We have masters in color that can fix any color done incorrectly. Color correction consists of going from black or dark to chestnut brown, chestnut brown to blond, correcting orange unwanted tones or from blonde to dark hair. Some color removal process is on as needed basis. Sometimes all you need is a toner to correct unwanted tones. Have one of our certified color masters correct the unwanted colors in your hair.


Roots grow out and hair color fades with time. Sometimes we’re just tired of our hair color and want to get back to natural, but sometimes we’re met with a hair color calamity. Whatever our reasons for hair color removal, where there’s a will, today there is a way to return to normal hair color.

First, if your hair color is over three days old, chances are you won’t be able to remove it. Your best option is to find a professional skilled in different hair coloring techniques. Besides highlighting drab hair colors, your stylist can darken too-light hair colors and offset hair color mistakes.

If you’ve experienced a hair color catastrophe in the last day or two, if you’re prompt, the damage can probably either be minimized or completely reversed. Generally, hair color takes from 48 to 72 hours to set into the cuticle. However, because this window is so brief, before you begin experimenting with hair color removal, consult with a professional stylist.

In addition:

  1. Even if your hair color problems are self-inflicted, good professionals are usually familiar with consumer hair products and are best equipped to use the right hair color removal methods. Depending on the product you used and the severity of the problem, your stylist can remove, offset, or blend hair colors to repair the damage.
  2. If your stylist made the mistake, she knows exactly what product she used and has a better idea than anyone else as to what went wrong. Most professionals will do everything they can to keep your business and their good reputation. No stylist wants to be known as “the one who turned Judy’s hair green”!
  3. Unless you caused the problem, most professionals will make corrections at no extra cost. Just be sure to ask if they’ll “make it right” before you make an appointment for hair color removal. If they expect to impose an additional charge, you’ll be able to choose another option.





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