The best way to cover gray hair: You can’t stop gray hair but … from using highlights to cover gray hair to full gray hair coverage with just a touch of gray, to gray blending you too can find your personal best way to cover gray hair.

The best way to cover gray hair is really asking “What is the best way to fool the eye of the person looking at me so I look better?” Knowing this we have several choices that depend on how much gray, where it is located, how often you are willing to visit your hair salon and how natural you want you hair to look. This brings us to the “cover gray stick” or explanation that follows. To fool the eye there are several choices and considerations to make gray hair cover natural looking before “jumping in”.

Use highlights to cover gray hair: this lightens some gray and some NOT gray hair so the gray blends in with the highlights — “I needed to brighten up my look anyway.” Is frequently heard because gray hair has an “ash” tone that changes the complexion.

Using LOW lights to cover gray hair are like highlights only “backwards”. Here we use the same procedures as we do for highlighting but instead of making the hair lighter we match your hair color or even use a darker color so your hair color becomes the highlight!

Cover all of your gray hair using fashion colors. Fashion colors are just that – colors added because they are in fashion and because you like the look that you get with the color! They can be temporary or permanent.

Hair color, that matches your natural color, is used to cover your gray hair because you just want to look like the younger you, without the gray.



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