Demi Permanent Hair Coloring Scottsdale AZ

The process of using demi-permanent hair color is a little different than regular permanent hair color because it contains an alkaline agent like ethanolamine, sodium carbonate, and more, except for ammonia. It is usually lower in hydrogen peroxide concentration, which means it lasts longer without fading compared to using it with a permanent hair color. During the process of dying the hair with demi-permanent hair color, there is no lightening of the hair present because the alkaline agents are designed not to affect the natural pigment of the hair, just like the hair dyes containing ammonia.

Unlike the usual permanent hair color, which is more damaging, demi-permanent hair color cannot give a color that is a lighter shade than the hair color before dyeing. Using demi-permanent hair colors is more effective than using semi-permanent colors and much more so than permanent colors. It has less color fade over time, covers gray hair better and lasts longer. Although the demi-perm has a shorter lifespan than the permanent, it is more cost-effective to maintain and can be used on the head in multiple styles.

In comparing both demi-permanent and permanent hair colors, demi-perms offer a lot of advantages. Essentially, there is no lifting, such as removal, of the hair’s natural color that will be in effect. This would give a natural look to the hair’s final color and a less uniform or homogeneous effect in comparison to the permanent hair color. For a gentler and safer hair color, demi-permanents are perfect, especially for damaged hair. The demi-permanents would wash out, typically between 20 and 28 shampoos, and when hair growth happens, it would be much less noticeable. It is easier to change the hair color if desired. Darker shades of the demi-permanent hair color may also stay longer than indicated on their label.

What is a demi-permanent color?

Bravo Salon’s demi-permanent color contains no ammonia, and that means no damage, so you can feel good about our job. Demi-permanents would last up to 24 shampoos if added with a low-volume developer into the mixture when applied to your hair because this would help in opening the cuticle. When mixed altogether, this would create a color that is perfectly blended with gray, a natural and refreshing color, and this is perfect for toning highlights or corrective hair solutions.

Fun color on Demi-permanent color

When it comes to demi-permanent hair dye, you can use products designed for lightening, but they cannot be used on those intended for lighter hair. Demi-permanent dyes are meant to wash out naturally with shampoos, but for a longer period of time compared to semi-permanent hair dyes. They do not have a strong pigment effect.

Bravo Salon allows you to completely change the color of your hair through demi-permanent colors that are perfect for you after bleaching. We let you choose different types of colors as shown in our gallery. We’ll create fun colors until we reach the color you want for your hair. It is a semi-permanent hair dye that will not damage your hair and it works with all types of hair.


Permanent hair color that lasts

We have achieved what we set out to do: create a permanent hair color that is easy to use and lasts. Having a natural color is important to many women. If you are considering a visit to the salon in Scottsdale, AZ, find out how your hair color will turn out and if it will suit your needs. Our hair color is perfect for women of all skin tones and ages. Demi-permanent hair color is permanent, but it’s not like a permanent hair color that you can’t wash your hair with.

At Bravo Salon, we have made it easier for you to get your life back! We strive to make it easy for you to get your hair done at home and save money too. That’s why we offer our professional hair services in Scottsdale, AZ at a price you can afford.


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