Perfect Hair Color in Scottsdale Arizona

Determine your skin tone. Those with warm skin tones tend to have yellow or reddish undertones in their skin. Those with cool skin tones usually have blue or pink undertones. Further define your skin by assessing whether you are light, medium or dark skinned.
Choose light, warm shades for your hair if you have a light, warm skin tone. Shades such as golden blond or strawberry blond are particularly flattering for your skin type. Naturally warm people should avoid blue, violet, white and jet-black hair, which will seem to “wash out” your natural high hair color. Depending on your skin tone and your preference, you’ll find that deep chocolate, rich golden browns, auburn, warm gold, red highlights, and golden blond shades enhance your “sunny” look. Hair weaving and hair highlighting are great ways to add warm tones to your hair color—and natural-looking corals, oranges and reds are dazzling on you!

Opt for a cool, light hair color if you have a fair, cool skin tone. You’ll likely look good in ashier shades such as platinum blond or ash blond. Shades that work well for you include dark brown, plum, burgundy, or black. Naturally cool people should avoid gold, yellow, red, and bronze tones, which have a tendency to make you look sallow and drawn. The best hair color shades, depending on your skin tone, are shiny raven-wing blacks, cool ash browns, and cool blondes in shades ranging from mink to platinum and icy white. You’re fortunate to be able to wear many exciting “unnatural” colors . . . lipstick reds, burgundy, and orchids, for a more daring look.

Have your colors done by a professional if you are unsure of your skin tones. A professional hair stylish should also be able to assess your coloring and advise you on the best hair color for you.
Try on various wigs at a wig shop and assess how the various hair colors look on you. If the shop allows it, take a few photos of yourself with various hair colors and then choose which fits your coloring and personality best.
Get highlights put in your hair when you have it colored. Highlights can maximize your coloring by using two different hair colors that work for you. Have a hair professional choose a highlighting color that complements your base color well. When done right, you shouldn’t notice the highlights themselves, unless requested to do so.


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