Le Grande Classique (50 Minutes) $75
A perfect introduction to advanced skin care, the Grand Classique experience includes an In-depth analysis of the skin, cleansing, exfoliation, and a moisturizing treatment.

Eye Revive (15 minute) add-on service $25
An excellent addition to any facial service. A targeted treatment designed to reduce puffiness, fine lines and redness. The delicate skin around the eye is gently treated and tightened with a light lactic acid , massaged with cooling serum and masked with creams specifically designed for fragile area.

Evaison Sensorielle(75 minutes) $155
The ultimate relaxing facial. Enjoy an indulgent, luxurious spa treatment when your face needs a gentle caress with a rejuvenating oil brush massage combined with a cooling gel mask.

Acne Facial (50 minutes) $95
A refreshing, five-step facial designed to help prevent breakouts and to control future problems. A scientifically developed, corrective treatment for both adolescent and adult skin.

Advanced Age Defense (50 minute facial) $125
This facial includes a clarifying, rejuvenating yet gentle buffered lactic acid peel to restore luminescence, enhance the performance of home-care products, and promote smooth makeup application.

Back Treatment (50 minute treatment) $95
Dry skin is exfoliated and impurities are removed to rejuvenate this overlooked area of the body. This treatment is a wonderful way to eliminate dead skin cells while soothing sore muscles and aches.

Enzyme Peel Facial (50 minutes) $125
Be prepared for an experience to reveal a newer, fresher, more beautiful you! Enzymes create a fresh face for tonics and serum that rejuvenate skin. Each step is designed to enhance your skin’s natural luminescence.

Escale Beaute(45 minutes), $60
Designed for the treatment of Polaris Foliculitis (arm bumps), this beautifying treatment will smooth your skin and restore your confidence. First, the skin on the arms is cleansed, exfoliated, then hot towels are then applied to soften skin and extractions performed, arms are then cleansed again for preparation for the healing salve.

Four Layer Facial 50 minutes $100
Four different ways to customize a facial to suit your individual needs. Wrap your face in luxury with sea mineral masks and specialty tonics to suit each individual.

Hydralessence Facial 50 minute $125
Find your fresh face with hyaluronic acid. Enjoy a luxurious facial designed to brighten and freshen your face without excessive peeling while nourishing and stimulating collagen building blocks.



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