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The best way to cover gray hair: You can’t stop gray hair but … from using highlights to cover gray hair to full gray hair coverage with just a touch of gray, to gray blending, you too can find your personal best way to cover gray hair.

The best way to cover gray hair is really asking, “What is the best way to fool the eye of the person looking at me, so I look better?” Knowing this, we have several choices that depend on how much gray, where it is located, how often you are willing to visit your hair salon and how natural you want your hair to look. This brings us to the “cover gray stick” or explanation that follows. To fool the eye there are several choices and considerations to make gray hair cover natural looking before “jumping in”.


Use highlights to cover gray hair or blend gray for outgrowing gray: This lightens some gray and some NOT gray hair so the gray blends in with the highlights — “I needed to brighten up my look anyway.” Is frequently heard because gray hair has an “ash” tone that changes the complexion. Sometimes you want the ash or white bright look to blend in the gray so that you don’t see the line of demarcation.

Using LOW lights to cover gray hair are like highlights only “backwards”. Here we use the same procedures as we do for highlighting but instead of making the hair lighter we match your hair color or even use a darker color so your hair color becomes the highlight! The lowlights help blend and add more color into the hair making it look more natural.

Cover all of your gray hair using fashion colors. Fashion colors are just that – colors added because they are in fashion and because you like the look that you get with the color! They can be temporary or permanent. Such as Purple, or lavender, or pink, rose gold. Those are popular colors for adding color to gray or with hair to have more fun with it.

Hair color, that matches your natural color, is used to cover your gray hair because you just want to look like the younger you, without the gray.

Now the real concern for most people these days is “I want to go all natural back to my natural gray hair or silver hair”, However I don’t just want to let it grow out and look like I’m growing my hair out. I want to transition or just be silver or gray and look like the woman in Instagram that goes instantly gray in the picture ( which is over time not instantly in one day). This is a common question. The answer is about 4 different ways to approach this. A color level 1 hair is black, a 2 is dark brown, a 3 is an espresso brown and a 4 is just brown and a 5 is medium brown, and a 6 is light brown, a 7 is lightest brown, and a 8 is dark blonde, 7 and 8 is the easiest to transition to gray hair.
1. Depending on where you are in your out grow you can begin the blending process.
In most cases it takes 3 to 4 even 5 times of returning to the salon to have to transition back to silver or gray hair. This transition is just highlighting the hair only, and it’s a safer more gentle way to transition. It may take even longer for some people. Highlights alone will take you to a lighter level and easier way to approach the process. Whatever the case may be it’s a very emotional process and transformational in all cases.
2. I want to go for it and get it done in 1 day like the instagram picture.
Well special cases really can only do that if your hair is a level 7 or 8 to begin with. Then it’s easier , however if your a level 1, 2 or 3 up to a 6 it’s much more difficult and will require more than 1 or 2 visits. It will take up to 4 even 5 visits on how low the level of your hair is like a 1,2 or 3. What the stylist in instagram fails to tell you is that the last transition they got it that one day then post it from the beginning shot they took. What happened to all the in between shots? Well they don’t show you those, however it’s fun to see it and it’s a emotional process anyway you look at it.
3. Your hair will undergo a huge transition from dark to light.
How prepared are you emotionally for this. Put a light colored wig or blonde or silver hairpiece on your self or a picture to your face, an app also. This way you can see the transition. Keep in mind when transitioning your color may go from dark to the next color level of orange. If you are a dark color, it will go to orange, then we correct it from there or a light brown or dark blonde. the 1st time. Then it goes lighter on the second round or visit to a dark blonde or medium blonde. Then 3rd color removal or transition to medium to light blonde with some gray undertones. The last one it light to lightest blonde with gray in it achieving as close or nailing the color silver or silver blonde. In all the visits your color may fade and have some yellow or even maybe orange undertones during the process and you will have to come back to the salon and have your hair re-toned throughout the process. Meanwhile your gray is growing out and there is progress along the way. We recommend Olaplex during the whole process and recommend that you buy the recommended Olaplex we prescribe for you. You will need it. Recommended shampoos and conditioners will also be a factor. Why are we recommending these special shampoo’s and conditioning? Because your hair will under go oxidation during this process, and we have the special shampoo’s and conditioning to help you keep your color and condition in the PH balance range, very important. Your hair is undergoing hair surgery, we are recommending the post-op for you. Please listen….
4. Semi permanent color on your gray hair.
A true semi permanent is the healthiest way to approach the grow out process. Your hair will look like highlights where the silver or gray hair is. It eventually washes out with each transition. Very shiny very approachable process. Very natural looking. Less money less fuss, easy. It does take a lot longer for the process to grow out, however it’s easier to just let it go. You do have to come in more often like every 3 to 4 weeks, but same average time as before, we just use a true semi permanent color. The gray on your scalp will look colored but with a translucency to it. So in other words blended or blending into the permanent shade from before where the color is. It’s always worth a try. If you don’t like it try another option. Most cost effective and no harm done.

Give us a call we would love to do a consultation with you and see your hair with the best options. 480-951-8076

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