Olaplex Hair Repair Treatment kit in Scottsdale AZ

Before any chemical services are done, it is important to make sure that your hair is not too dry or damaged, such as having a permanent wave or color. The hair needs to be in the best possible condition.

At Milbon, our Noiraudepro provides stylists with the tools to address each client’s hair needs prior to chemical services. Our technology gives hairstylists the flexibility and tools they need to perform the service as needed for each client’s specific hair conditions, allowing them to do their best work, whether the hair is damaged, dehydrated, or even lifeless.

What are the specific needs of damaged, dehydrated, and lifeless hair?


Keratin is one of the main ingredients in hair and is a protein that binds together into long, strong, and smooth fibers. When hair lacks elasticity, it can cause breakage and split ends. Hair can also lose its strength when it is over-processed, which leaves it feeling brittle. This protein helps restore elasticity to your hair, which will help prevent future damage. Keratin can be used in order to build internal structures back up and repair damaged areas. The three molecular weights are available to provide support to build specific needs of the hair’s structure, which are all Noiraudepro Keratin treatments that are essential for damaged hair.


The chemical composition of the hair is important in determining its color. Hair color can be determined by analyzing the chemical composition of the hair follicle. CMC means cell membrane complex, and this is an oil-based ingredient that is present in the hair cuticle. This ingredient plays a role in determining the state of the hair, so you can properly do hair styling procedures. If your hair becomes dry and brittle, you may have a problem with the moisture retaining its place within the hair’s cortical layers because the hair has lost some of its CMC’s, which are in-charged with retaining moisture within the hair.

It’s a good idea to consider adding hair treatments, shampoos, and conditioners containing CMCs to your hair to lock as much keratin as possible into the hair, which is a necessity for dehydrated and distressed hair. CMCs are able to penetrate the deep layers of the hair shaft and lock in moisture and nutrients. This helps to repair damaged hair and restore vitality.


A protein called collagen, adds strength and support to skin cells. This helps keep you looking youthful! It helps to make the skin smooth, plump, and supple. In addition, it contributes to the youthful glow of the hair. Applying collagen to your hair creates a veil on the hair cuticle’s surface, locking in moisture, which is a key step to adding softness and deterring frizz. This is another easy way to keep your strands healthy and hydrated!

Chitoaqua & Silk Peptide:

Silk proteins are the latest ingredient in hair care. It works to create a moisture barrier on the hair that helps protect the hair’s cuticle and add shine and resistance. Silk proteins naturally moisturize the hair, while aloe extract hydrates and nourishes it with nutrients. The result is a healthy, sleek, shiny appearance that serves as a protective shield for the hair from brush friction, thermal styling, and UV light.


Ceramid 2 is a powerful ingredient that repairs the CMC water pathways that keep moisture inside the hair. This outstanding moisturizing ingredient is present in M.R.A. which is perfect for severely damaged hair. M.R.A. also provides long-term protection from further breakage of hair strands from excessive styling.

Stop Using the Harmful Treatments

Hair is sometimes more than just a physical asset. It’s a symbol of strength and self-confidence. When our hair is healthy, nothing else matters. However, when it becomes dry and damaged, not only do we lose some beauty, but we also experience a number of emotional effects that can impact our quality of life.

This is the perfect time for you to invest in your health and beauty by treating your hair before it becomes too late! Bravo Salon offers Noiraudepro Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ for damaged, dehydrated, and lifeless hair with their special treatment that affects the 3 stages of the hair cycle with one treatment to make your hair stronger and healthier!

If you’re looking for a salon service that is affordable and offers guaranteed results, you’ve found it at Bravo Salon! Bravo Salon offers a Noiraudepro Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ, so get rid of the damage to your hair. Call us at (480) 951-8076 and get the lush locks back today.

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