Permanent Hair Coloring Scottsdale AZ

All permanent hair color products and lighteners contain a developer, or oxidizing agent, and an alkalizing agent (most often ammonia).

When the tint containing the alkalizing ingredient is combined with the developer, a chemical reaction occurs that swells the hair, permitting the tint to enter the cortex, where the melanin is located. The melanin is lightened and subsumed by the new color. The ammonia swells the cuticle of the hair to allow the color pigments to penetrate deep into the hair shaft.

Permanent color is truly permanent and will not wash out, although it may fade. New hair growth in the hair’s natural color will contrast with the colored section of the hair.

Brands We Use
  • Schwarzhopf
  • Matrix
  • L’Anza
  • Goldwell
  • Pravana
  • Framesi
  • Redken
Styling Brands We Carry
  • Brazillian Blowout
  • Pravana
  • GK (Global Keratin)
  • Neuma
  • Style Edit
  • Moroccan Oil
  • L’Anza
  • DS Labs
  • Milbon

Bravo Salon’s reputation for solving hair color emergencies is as important to them as it is to you. With a passion for creating and restoring natural looking hair color that suits your skin coloring and lifestyle, our color experts will get you back in the game in no time.

Hair Coloring Questions

I wanted my hair color to be lighter than what I have been coloring it. I used a lighter color and the root area turned lighter and brighter and the middle and ends are still dark. It looks like a big color mistake, now what do I do?

Option #1: Color the root area with a demi color to go back to a darker shade to match your ends. A list will follow of some minor things.

Option#2: If your hair is strong enough a color remover can be applied to remove the dark color on the middle and ends of your hair. After it has lightened to the proper level, remove it and reapply a lighter color to match the new color at the scalp. Caution must be taken to save the integrity of the hair and this should only be done if the hair is strong enough to begin with.

Option #3: You can call a professional colorist to be sure to get the results you want. Make an appointment for a consultation. At that time you should explain to them what your desired color is. They should evaluate the condition of your hair, explain to you the procedure, what you can expect and give you cost evaluation. By calling upon a professional colorist, your hair will be healthier and shinier because of the quality of the color used and the professional grade of conditioners used through out the process. You only have one head of hair, be good to it.

I am starting to go grey, do I have to do full, permanent color and can I still have it natural looking?

No, you do not have to do permanent color. Yes, it can still look natural. Let me give you some options to decide which suits you best.

Option#1: is to weave in different tones in your color family, the results will be shiny and rich while leaving a little grey exposed. Your maintenance should be 3 months.

Option #2: would be to have a demi color applied. This will blend the grey while leaving multiple tones showing through. You can choose a color close to your natural or add some different tones to compliment your existing color to spice it up. Your results will be very shiny and maintenance should be 8-10 weeks.
Take the guessing out of it and call a pro.

My hair is over processed from bleaching, I want to be a richer blonde but the color keeps washing out. Why, and what do I do?

The color washes out because it has nothing to hang on to and nothing to lock it in. Ammonia is a harsh ingredient used to open the outside layer of the hair (cuticle) so the color can penetrate. After this is done repeatedly, the cuticle stays wide open, resulting in the disappearance of the color and dry dull hair. You should be using an ammonia free organic hair color, after a professional grade strengthening treatment. Your results will be super shiny, and long lasting color. You only have one head of hair, be kind to it.

I have been having my hair professionally highlighted for a while and it seems to be getting all one color. Why and what can I do?

That has happened because the lightener has been applied beyond what has grown out, not allowing some of your natural color to remain. You are lucky the only result was too much blonde, many times the hair becomes dry and dull and in extreme cases breaks off. To balance your color out again, you can have a couple natural, rich tones woven back in and a glossing applied all over. Be cautious to only have what has grown out lightened in the future. Good Luck, and I would not recommend doing this yourself.

I am a blonde, what can I do for fall and winter to freshen up without losing my blonde hair color?

Blondes still look great for fall and winter. The tone needs to be richened with the addition of honey, golden and even some caramel tones for underneath, keeping the lighter ones around your face. After the new tones are introduced a color gloss is applied all over for the super shiny, healthy hair look. Say goodbye to the dry bleached out blonde of summer and hello to the richened shiny blonde of fall.

I used a color on my hair at home and it is too dark. I just want my natural color back. Can I get that?

If you seek out a professional that specializes in color correction, the dark color can be removed and your hair recolored similar to your natural tone. Once you have colored your hair with permanent hair color, you have changed the natural tone and will not see it until it grows out but a professional colorist can match the tone quite close. Organic hair color is a great color to use because it is very shiny and sheer which most resembles natural looking hair.



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