Semi Permanent Hair Coloring Scottsdale AZ

Hair color has been difficult to maintain. You might need to dye your hair every day or every week to keep it looking good. No one likes feeling like they’re spending their whole life on a constant quest for that perfect shade of hair color. With semi-permanents, you can feel confident in knowing that your new look will last at the perfect moment you feel with your hair. There’s less risk of damage to your scalp when you trust the experts to leave your hair healthy and vibrant, even in years to come.

Fading gracefully

Did you know that semi-permanent hair dye is different from temporary dye? The molecules of a semi-permanent hair dye are smaller than those of a temporary hair dye, so it would penetrate the hair shaft partially, and eventually, it would last much longer than the other, even in repetitive washing for about 4-5 shampoos or even weeks. Semi-permanent hair color is a type of hair dye that has no to very low developer levels of peroxide and ammonia.

Deciding the final color of the hair depends on the original color and the ability of the hair to diffuse and absorb the hair coloring. Therefore, there will be contrast differences in shade across the whole head, which will give a much more natural contrast throughout the head compared to the permanent dye hair color. Because of this, there is an uneven shade in your hair because it won’t be dyed evenly. Because semi-permanent colors do not have the ability to lighten the hair, if your gray hair is spread throughout the hairs, it will not be disguised as well as having only some grey and white hairs.

As the name suggests, semi-permanent hair colors are semi-permanent, meaning they must be touched up each time they grow out of the desired color range, but for damaged or fragile hair, they are safer. Semi-permanent hair dye will fade over time but still leave a beautiful color that fades in a natural way as it grows out or as it wears off naturally over time.

Hair never looked so good.

Bravo Salon offers the most convenient and cost-effective semi-permanent hair color in India. We offer a wide range of colors, shades, and tones at affordable prices without compromising on quality. Bravo Salon is loved by our customers. Our semi-permanent hair color is the fastest growing trend in hair styling today, with hundreds of satisfied clients across Scottsdale, AZ. With our color wheel, we know your hair type and what you’re looking for. Our team of experts can help you create your own color story with our semi-permanent hair dyes.

If you’re the creative type, these dyes are perfect for you! You can also get inspired by our gallery of semi-permanent hair looks. Every customer receives the better shade of their choice at no extra charge! We ensure that every single customer gets their desired shade either before or on time. In addition to this, all our semi-permanent colors are completely safe for your hair as they don’t contain any ammonia, peroxide, or developer, which can damage your hair or scalp.

Lose the gray with our semi-permanent hair color that fades gradually into your natural hair color over time, so you don’t have to worry about it looking artificial or unnatural. Call us at (480) 951-8076 and we’ll get you the best shade for your hair, always!



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