Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment Scottsdale AZ

Sick of using irons and blow dryers to straighten your hair?

Did you know that the average person spends 60+ hours a year trying to get the perfect look? That’s the equivalent of 3 weeks of your life! You lose time and money due to hair damage. Yuko’s gentle, natural treatments are clinically proven to stop hair breakage and prevent split ends for up to 3 years. It also has an easy spa-like experience that doesn’t require a blow dryer or hot tools. You’ll spend up to 10x less time & money with Yuko treatments and experience less stress while getting your hair done.

Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment is a revolutionary hair treatment that uses the latest technology to straighten your hair. The Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment is a fast and painless way to get your desired look in minutes. This process is repeated three times, and then the final step of the Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment involves using an ionizing machine to seal in the results.

The Yuko Hair Straightener Treatment has been proven to be effective in smoothing out frizzy, curly, or wavy hair, as well as restoring compatibility and shine. It can also remove any unwanted kinks in your locks by removing all of your natural curls or waves. It does not damage the hair and leaves it feeling soft, smooth, and shiny. Turn your dreams into reality with Yuko Hair Straightening Treatment and call us at (480) 951-8076 today.

How long does the YUKO Hair Straightening Process Take?

3-4 hours depending on the type hair, length and damage level.

How long does YUKO Hair Straightening Last?

Hair that is treated with YUKI will remain straight almost permanently However new hair will grow according to its natural texture. We recommend that you get YUKO touch-ups every 4-6 months. The length of time will vary depending on your hair texture and how quickly your hair grows.

How soon can I wash my hair or get it wet after the treatment?

You can wash or wet your hair 2 days after this treatment is done. Be sure to blow dry it 100% after you shampoo to maintain the straightness.

How does YUKO Hair Straightening Work?

The solutions work by physically changing the internal structure of the air. By applying heat with a flat iron, it creates a permanent straight shape.

Is YUKO Hair Straightening safe?

Yes. YUKO solutions do not contain any chemicals that product formaldehyde or any other cancer-causing substances.

Can I color my hair and have YUKO Hair Straightening at the same time?

No. Color your hair at least 2 weeks before or after the straightening procedure. Applying both chemical treatments at the same time will result in hair damage.


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